Purchasing A House

Housing: We decided on manufactured so we could buy outright without a mortgage (first steps of retirement is to get rid of all debt) as consultant Corrie Copple Goodyear Real Estate suggested. We found a park with modest requirements and enough older homes so ours would look pretty good for resale if needed. We visited appropriate dwellings in a few parks and found one which met our needs. The yards are very small and can be minimalist. Lava rock is a very popular ground cover.

real estate Where to Live: Where did we want to retire to geographically? We’d already moved to that area several years prior with that future thought in mind. It just so happens to be my hometown. That made it familiar territory. The climate here in the Willamette Valley in Oregon is perfect as far as I’m concerned. It has enough rain to keep away whiners who hate to get wet. It’s cool enough to keep away sun worshipers. It has proximity to both beautiful mountains and a beautiful coast with water too cold for surfers (there are a few hardy souls).

Friends: We have many friends, but mostly on-line. I know a few people in the park, but only casually. After all, they’re old people. Oh, wait…

Kids/Grandkids: Our grandkids and one son are in Washington, so it’s pretty easy for them to visit us on occasion. The other son chose to move to Florida. We visited once. It’s a hellhole—hot and humid, flat as a pancake. Well, they do have Disney world.

Anyway, it’s perfect for us. We do not accrue debt. Credit cards are paid off every month, we buy cars with cash, we save our spare change to travel to other countries. We’ve got a lot of worlds left to cover, and I don’t think we’ll manage it all in our lifetimes.